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  • Baby Bath Sachet
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  • Premium Baby Toothbrush
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  • Baby Shampoo Sachet

    Gentle cleansing for fine, young hair. Our ph balanced, colour and fragrance free formula is tested to be safe and kind on skin and hair. Simply squeeze a small amount onto your hand and carefully rub it into pre-wetted hair. Rinse thoroughly with warm water afterwards. Skin on skin contact and massage have been proven to help reduce a babies stress, help them feel more secure and cry less. When you massage your baby’s head with our gentle formula shampoo this can assist with the baby bonding process.

    Our convenient single use sachets open easily and are perfect for short stays.

    Not tested on animals. Vegan.

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    size: 60mm x 88mm

    Weight: 7g

    Units per box: 100

    product code: PRBS7